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It's on the News, but do you know the full story?

1 Year after the US's disastrous exit from Afghanistan, left behind is a broken country, with millions on the verge of starvation...but was this outcome foreseeable, even inevitable? This book gives an overview of centuries of history to try to answer that question. Buy the book and gain some insight into a region still very much a part of western global foreign policy. 


During the spring and summer of 2021, global news reports were filled with the impending US/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. At best, it would be viewed as a stalemate, with an orderly transition to a stable, US-backed Afghan government. At worse, it would be looked upon as two decades of futile war, ending with a shameful retreat that left the county at the mercy of a ruthless Taliban regime. What went wrong?

This close look at the history of foreign invasions of the country, from Alexander the Great to the US/NATO occupation, gives insight into the geographical and cultural reasons this land, in the valley of the Hindu Kush mountain range, has long earned the sobriquet: Graveyard of Empires.

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