09/2022 - Postings from Prosper

Welcome back, fellow Readers, to you and to me!

After a long hiatus focused on corporate life and family, I am close to finishing the Digital Hustlers. Another book inspired by my children, this book looks at the "bad" advice our parents gave us about achieveing success - study hard, stay in school, put away distractions like phones, video games and retail therapy.

It turns out, that for many young people, even before the great career displacement and home imprisonment virus that was Covid-19, having a laptop and an internet connection became a way to make ends meet, or even drive six-figure incomes. From affiiate marketing, retail arbitrage, self-publishing, online courses, and of course, "influencing" people are able to replace their 9 to 5 incomes with just a few hours a week in front of their computers. This book details several of these "digital hustles" and gives insight how you, too, can get started.

And the source of my inspiration? One of my children signed a contract as a brand agent for a major retailer, and his "job" was wearing all the free clothes they gave him, posting pictures on his social media, and promoting the brand to his friends (who also got free clothes)! And did I mention that he also got a handsome paycheck every two weeks - enough to fuel up his new Jeep Wrangler Sport.

It's a new world, people, are we aready for it? As a parent,  I was proud of his entrepreneurial spirit, but concerned about his focus waning on important things like academics. However, he maintained his grades, and my research led to opening my eyes about non-traditional and lucrative ways to earn a living, especially in a post-Covid world.

 Till next month,

John A. Tyler

Back on the Road!

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