12/2021 - Postings From Prosper

Dear Readers

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! Hope Santa brought you everything you wished for. Most importantly I hope you took time to spread holiday cheer far and wide to friends and family and total strangers. As we head towards the exit for 2021, it is even more important to remember all the good things in our lives, because, it's been a heck of a year! Courtesy of CBSNews, here are some of the pivotal events that impacted us this year:

January - The Riot at the Capitol! Doesn't matter your political stripe, this day left a serious dent in each one of us's view on the permanence of American democracy!

February - The US rejoins the Paris Accords; Again whatever your view on Climate Change on humankind's impact on it, if the only non-members are us and Syria, its just not a good look!

March - Massive container ship, Ever Given, blocks the Suez Canal and contributes to the ongoing shortage of everything you think you need!

April - Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin is convicted in the death of George Floyd. We don't appoint cops to be judge, jury and executioner, and even the most imperfect of us does not deserve to die begging for breath on a dirty street.

May - Successful Spacex Launch...but not without controversy!

June - Surfside condo collapse kills almost 100! Absolutely sheer horror and sadness

July - Olympics are back...but not without controversy

August - US withdraws from Afghanistan after two decades of futility; The shambolic exit will plunge the country into an uncertain future and becomes the impetus for Afghanistan Graveyard of Empires.

September - Texas bans abortions and relies on ordinary citizens to turn vigilante and enfore the ban

October - Yayyy, finally a Vaccine...but not that one

November - Atlanta Braves win the World Series for the first time since 1995

December - Nature reminds us who is in charge with devasting tornadoes hitting the midwest and southern regions of the U.S.


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