11/2021 - Postings From Prosper

Dear Readers, Happy Thanksgiving! The journey continues, but let's take a moment to give thanks to our family and friends who support us and motivate us to keep reaching for our goals, professional, personal and otherwise!

Recently relocated to the Dallas Fort Worth area, we are quite far from family, especially our two college age sons, who are in Virginia. So Thanksgiving was special as they returned home. In addition, we had a house full of in-laws and cousins from both sides of the family, so it was special indeed.

It was also an opportunity for me to share with family this journey on the literary side. And in all honesty, it has been a slow process. My 'day job' keeps me quite busy, but i'm looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holiday season to refocus on the next book, on the Pandemic and the almost daily twist and turns with mandates, anti-vaxxers and what all of it means in terms of our ability to exercise our freedoms while dealing with this public health issue.

Signing off till next month,

John A. Tyler

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